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Rules, Regulations and Policies

Chatsworth Golf Club takes its responsibilities seriously as a members' organisation providing safe facilities for the public. The Club, through its various committees, continuously monitors its legal requirements and regularly updates its policies to reflect changing rules, regulations and the law. Chatsworth Golf Club also considers it important not just to follow the law but to go further to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to play the game of golf. Our policies are all available below together with links to down loadable versions should you wish to print them off.

Club Rules
Chatsworth Golf Club Rules and Regulations

Covid Risk Assessment
Additions to the Risk Assessment during Covid19 Pandemic

First Aid
Cardiac Arrest advice during Covid19 Pandemic

Risk Assessment
General Risk Assessment

Adult Safeguarding
Safeguarding Adults Policy

Child Safeguarding
Children and Young People Safeguarding Policies and Procedures

Welfare Officer
Welfare Officer Poster

Defibrillator Location and Information

Safe Golf
Safe Golf Certification

If you should have any queries regarding any of our policies or would wish to become involved with their formulation then in the first instance contact the Club Secretary