Dear Member

Firstly a message from the Chairman :-

“I hope that you are all coping with Lockdown and the lack of golf but I suppose that the only consolation is that we probably would not have been able to play anyway due to the weather.

Anyway, no golf does not mean no activity, and there are one or two things to bring to your attention.

The first is that as a result of achieving Safe Golf we have decided to formalise the area of junior golf. As you may know, Lee Kenworthy has taken on the mantle of Junior Organiser and has proposed that we need to seek to increase the number of junior players and give some structure to their golf with training, matches etc. With this message is an explanatory note from Lee which needs no further input from me.

Secondly, and partly as a consequence of entering a closer relationship with Club Systems (Club V1 and HowDidIdo) we have decided to create a new website which is linked to the Club Systems platform. We are very close to making it available and it should enable a much more interactive experience, with everything you need to know in one place.

As you are aware you now get any information about the current course status via a message from Club V1 and indeed there will be a similar message displayed on the Home page of the new website. It has made the answerphone in the Club Room obsolete so please note that number has been discontinued.

Finally you will recall that when I sent out my report in lieu of an AGM in December, I said that we hoped to hold an SGM in February. Well, events have overtaken us and this is of course, not possible. The committee has made the decision that we shall not try to schedule another and that we shall run through to the normal AGM in December this year. Of course, if there are any burning issues that you want to discuss, please let us know and we shall seek to find a resolution.

Thank you all for your patience and loyalty during this difficult period, let’s pray that when we are allowed back that this will be the last interruption.

I look forward to seeing you all on the course in, hopefully, the near future.



Dear Members

I am writing to inform you that I have recently become the Junior organiser for Chatsworth Golf Club and along with the committee have been considering how best we can encourage Junior golf at Chatsworth.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm to create a vibrant and active Junior section and in the near future we will be putting forward our detailed plans for provision of coaching at all levels, inter club matches and competitions. Also under active consideration is the provision of a shortened course for the less experienced Juniors.

It is anticipated that once we are all able to return to golf that we will commence with the provision of Lessons. These will be aimed at all levels from beginners to experienced junior golfers. These will be provided by Craig Swinburn who is attached to Matlock Golf Club and will take place at both Matlock and Chatsworth. Further details in respect of times and costs etc will be made available in due course.

As the year develops we will commence with some informal junior competitions at Chatsworth with a view to progressing to external competitions and matches in the future.

The key to the success of any Junior section is the number of juniors who wish to be actively involved and the purpose of this communication is to make you aware that if you have children or grandchildren who are already interested in golf or considering taking it up now would be the ideal time for them to join Chatsworth. We are looking for golfers, boys and girls, of all abilities so please get in touch if you are interested or just require some further information.

The cost of Junior Membership is only £30.

Thanks to all the current Junior members who returned our initial questionnaire, it's still not too late for those who haven't completed the questionnaire yet.

Anybody that would like a membership application form please contact our secretary, Aileen Churchill

Lee Kenworthy
Email Lee